I spent the last 3 years going for Chiropractic adjustments 2 times per week. If I missed a week, I was in misery, and taking pain medication. I found Dr. Sambursky when I ran into a scheduling issue with my last Chiropractor (Dr. S has GREAT hours!). After just 4 months, I am down to 1 adjustment every 3 weeks, and am off the pain medication. Dr. Sambursky's whole system approach has me more confident that I canlive a mostly pain free life! It really does matter which Dr. you choose!
- Deborah H.

I have been seeing Dr. Sambursky for about 2 months now. I started seeing him for low back pain due to a bulging disk. During my treatment, I was involved in a vehicle accident. I've continued to see him for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident.  I have seen a chiropractor off and on for years. I recently moved back to Jacksonville and started looking for a new chiropractor. I chose Dr. Sambursky for the good reviews I've seen of his practice on other websites and for his close proximity to my home. This was the best decision I have ever made!  Not only is Dr. Sambursky a kind and attentive chiropractor, but his treatments are effective. His staff is amazing! He has built a team that is friendly and caring. I know that I am in good hands when I visit. No matter how bad I'm feeling, everyone in that office can bring a smile to my face!
- Alison S.

If you've never tried chiropractic care before, give it a shot! Dr. Sambursky will explain what he can do for you and will take excellent care of all of your needs. Even if it's just to lend an ear when you need to talk about what you're going thru. His care and compassion for the lives of his patients is above and beyond anything I've ever seen by a medical professional.

I have suffered from chronic migraines for years & within the past two years they have become extremely debilitating. Numerous hours of precious family time lost/lost work & pay. Numerous ER visits/hospital admissions/Home IV infusion therapy/daily medications/days on end spent in bed without... relief. Until I was referred to Dr. Sambursky & then that all changed. Yesterday I was hit with an excruciating/hopital bound migraine instead my huband drove me to Dr. Sambursky who gave me an adjustment & within minutes...I KID YOU NOT the migraine lifted. No medication/no ER visit/no days in bed...just an adjustment. Please, if you suffer from migraines I STRONGLY recommend a visit. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Dr. Sambursky and all the wonderful staff. FINALLY, a practice that is TRULY about the patient
- Denise G.

I am glad I looked through those advertisement fliers you get in the mail. I was already going to a chiropractor and nutritionist for about three months. I got tired of paying high fees. I called Dr. Sambursky and made an appointment. He is not only a very good chiropractor but reasonable. He works with your needs as a patient. You don't feel that when you go there is all about the $. He is not only friendly but you can talk to him about your health concerns and he listens. He works with your needs as a patient. I can't remember ever paying $25 co-pay for a chiropractic visit and getting the best adjustment. Very relaxing environment and friendly receptionist. You get your money's worth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
- Sonia 

My experience with Dr. Sambursky was very positive and effective. My back pain level was moderate and it took a full morning of stretching and pills to find any relief. Dr. Sambursky thoroughly evaluated and treated my pain immediately and at a low reasonable cost. He pinpointed the source of pain and reviewed the plan of action with me and treated me within the hour. Within a couple months I am now functioning normally. I highly praise and recommend Dr. Sambursky.
-Blair A.

Thank you Dr.Sambursky and Kaitlyn this is the first time in a long time that I feel almost human.
- Nancy D.

Dr Sambursky, I don't know what you've done to my knee, but since Saturday it has not hurt! Thank you! You are such a blessing.
- Jeanne S.

I've lived with back pain since I was a teenager. While my mother went to a chiropractor for years, I began to see less and less significant changes in her health as proposed by her doctor at the time. I've always been skeptical of this tre...atment,until I finally went to Dr. Sambursky. for years I've had this numb area in the upper region between my shoulder blades. it was something I dealt with on a daily basis.before Dr. Sambursky began his series of adjustments on me, he showed me my xrays and explained the problem. He said " we can fix that"... just like that, no "bones" about it, he had the confidence that I would be feeling the change within a few weeks. "ok" I said, still a little skeptical of the practice. but, within a couple of weeks, I was able to feel sensation. my numbness went away, just as he said it would. I have confidence in my Chiropractor that I've never had in any of my other practitioners. Dr. Sambursky is professional, yet caring, he treats his patients like family. so much so, that I have since recommended family members who have brought their family and friends as well. as far as my siblings and I go, this is a real FAMILY practice!
- H. Bryan P.

I pinched a nerve and was in severe pain one Saturday afternoon. We called all around to find a chiropractor who would see me. None was seeing patients on the weekend. Someone was watching over me because when we called Dr Samburskys office and  he answered the phone. The office was closed and he just happened to be there to fix his computer. He told me to head on over. I was 30 minutes away. He took X-rays, put the tens unit on me, adjusted my spine and put me on the  traction unit or I call the "stretcher"! I felt 100 times better when I left. I've been getting better every day with his help. He is an incredible chiropractor and an amazing individual. His staff couldn't be sweeter. If you are anywhere in the Jacksonville area and need a chiropractor, he is the man to see. This man REALLY knows his stuff!!!
- Donna B.

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