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Sports Injury Treatment From CORE Chiropractic

With a new sports season upon us, it is important for everyone to be prepared. While sports are a great way to teach teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance, it is also important for safety to come first. With this in mind, it is a good idea for everyone to have an overview of some of the common sports injuries that might arise. The team at Core Chiropractic is here to educate everyone in the Mandarin, Julington Creek, and Jacksonville areas about sports injuries. This will make sure that everyone is ready to go when the season arrives.

Sports Injury Treatment From Sambursky Chiropractic LLC

Knee Pain is a Common Issue

One of the most common locations that people will have pain during the course of the season is in the knees. In some cases, this pain will be isolated to one knee. In other scenarios, it might manifest in both knees. Some of the knee pain issues are due to acute problems, such as a sprain. Other knee pain issues will be due to chronic problems, such as Osgood Schlatter. It is important for everyone to have their knee pain checked out immediately.

Hip Pain is a Frequent Culprit

Above the knees are the hips, another common location for pain. Some people sprain or strain the muscles in their hips, which are commonly referred to as hip flexors. In other situations, hip pain might actually be due to an issue with the head of the femur, which joints the hips. Hip pain can be a nagging issue and some people might try to play through the pain. This still deserves the attention of a doctor.

Tendinitis can Develop Gradually Due to Inflammation

Tendinitis can develop in any area where a muscle inserts on a bone. Inflammation at this insertion site is called tendinitis. This tendinitis can be very painful and is difficult to play through. Furthermore, playing through this pain can also lead to worsening damage. There are treatment options available for those who are suffering from tendinitis. Everyone can benefit from the help of a sports chiropractor.

Treatment Options from the Sports Chiropractor at Core Chiropractic

Regardless of the type of injury someone has sustained, a trained chiropractor can help. As your Jacksonville Chiropractor, we can work with patients on a corrective exercise series that can help relieve some of the symptoms from the injuries above. Furthermore, the team at Core Chiropractic will get to the root of the symptoms, making sure that the injury is both treated and prevented down the road. Those who have suffered a sports injury should give us a call today. We would be happy to provide care for you and your family.

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