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Chiropractic Adjustments and Manipulation Provided by CORE Chiropractic

Your body is an impressive machine. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you throw at it, your body just keeps running. However, over time, you might feel a pinch here or a tweak there. These small bits of pain might not keep you from enjoying life, but, over time, if you fail to address these issues, the small inconveniences can turn into major physical ailments. Oftentimes, all of this begins with your spinal alignment. By ensuring your spine is in alignment, you will remain pain-free and feeling fantastic. If you're looking for a chiropractor in Jacksonville, Julington Creek, St. John's, or Mandarin, Core Chiropractic is the local chiropractor for you. 


Everything Is Connected

The thing about your body is that everything is connected. This means if even one small bone is out of place, the alignment of everything else can be thrown off. If you're suffering from pain in your lower back, it may actually be due to an issue in your upper neck. Issues in your neck may end up pulling muscles out of position, resulting in the increased chance of injuring your ankle, knee, shoulders, or anywhere else in your body. 

If you suffer from muscle cramps routinely in a specific part of your body, there's a good chance the cause of this isn't the muscle itself. It is instead due to an improper alignment within your skeletal structure. The best way to correct this is with routine chiropractic adjustments. 

Regular Adjustments

It is important to schedule routine adjustments. Your body is quick to adapt, which means if you have suffered from a back that is not correctly aligned for years, your body will have adjusted to compensate for the misalignment. Due to this, after an adjustment your body will want to slip back into the position it had been in for over the last several months or years. However, over time, and a few adjustments, everything will begin to straighten out and you'll feel better than ever. 

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It doesn't matter if you've been visiting chiropractors for your entire life or if this is your first time considering one, a routine adjustment and manipulation will help ensure you maintain proper alignment throughout your skeletal system. A proper alignment will help you avoid injuries, discomforts, and an assortment of pains. It can also help reduce allergies, calm headaches, and simply assist you in living a better, pain-free life. So, if you've been looking for a chiropractor in Jacksonville, St. John's Julington Creek, Mandarin, or one of the other surrounding areas, now is the time to seek out the best in chiropractic care and contact the team at Core Chiropractic today.

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