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Neck Pain Treatment at CORE Chiropractic

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, it is likely the discomfort associated with it makes you want to find a treatment that takes away pain altogether. Calling Core Chiropractic in Julington Creek and Mandarin is an option available. Our Jacksonville Chiropractor is seasoned in providing Neck Pain treatment to alleviate symptoms quickly and non-invasively. here is some information about neck pain and how our chiropractor can help if you want to find a way to get relief from this debilitating condition.

neck pain

Causes Of Neck Pain

There are many reasons why someone may suffer from neck pain. Pain in the neck region is often experienced after an injury takes place. Sporting injuries and automobile accidents can cause whiplash to occur if the neck is stretched outside of its normal range of motion. If you sleep in an awkward position, you may find that you have neck pain upon awakening. If you have poor posture, neck pain is likely to be a symptom associated with the stance you routinely take. Poor ergonomic practices in the workplace can also contribute to neck pain. Using a cell phone constantly can cause a condition called "text neck" as well.

How To Avoid Neck Pain

When you buckle up in your vehicle, make sure the headrest is positioned centrally behind your head so your neck is protected should an accident happen. Make sure that you know the rules of all sporting activities to help you avoid injuries of any kind. If text neck is troubling you, monitor the amount of time you spend on your cell phone or electronic device and consider purchasing a holder to keep it at eye level. Do not use too many pillows when slumbering as well.

How Our Chiropractor Provides Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain treatment by our Jacksonville Chiropractor usually involves spinal adjustments. These movements of the spinal area are known to reduce stress upon the jointed areas inside of the body, including the neck region. This will increase blood circulation and promote healing of spots with any pain. Temperature therapy may be used by our chiropractor to help provide relief to areas where pain has settled in. Light exercises or stretches under the monitoring of our chiropractor will strengthen the neck muscles and help reduce pain as well. 

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If you are ready to try chiropractic care to try to battle a neck pain problem, our Jacksonville Chiropractor is ready to help. Give Core Chiropractic in Mandarin a call today to set up an appointment for a consultation. Reach out to our office today by calling us at 904-683-4376 to get started with a treatment plan that will help your discomfort.

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