Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Techniques Explained by a Jacksonville Chiropractor 

When you have back or other musculoskeletal pain, you're limited on your treatment options with a general practitioner. Even a specialist can only offer you a few options, many of which come with their share of side effects or risks. At Sambursky Chiropractic, serving Jacksonville, Julington Creek, Mandarin, and the surrounding Florida areas, we offer our patients natural solutions to curb their pain and promote healing. 


Chiropractic Alignment 

An alignment, also known as an adjustment, is one of the most common techniques used by our Jacksonville chiropractor. It's beneficial for both acute and chronic back issues. During an alignment, our chiropractor will usually first ask you to lie on a table on your stomach. Then, through manual manipulation, our chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae in your back, so they're not placing pressure on the surrounding tissue or discs. We use this chiropractic treatment for issues like a herniated or bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, and even pregnancy-related back pain. 

Spinal Traction

Spinal traction is a form of decompression. During a spinal traction session, our chiropractor uses a device that stretches your spine. Ultimately, this relieves pressure on your discs. By doing so, your body can heal itself better. Additionally, it relieves pain and discomfort. Some conditions our chiropractor uses traction for include degenerative disc disease, sciatica, or a herniated disc, among others. 

Chiropractic Exercises 

Chiropractic exercises are a common treatment our chiropractor recommends. This particular treatment consists of our chiropractor guiding you through exercises that work the area that's bothering you. They're safe exercises that slowly and gently stretch the part of your body where you have pain. These exercises encourage blood flow to the region, which helps promote healing. In addition, the exercises increase your range of motion and have the potential to reduce your pain and discomfort.

Every exercise therapy program that our chiropractor recommends is customized to your particular needs. The difficulty increases at a rate that's comfortable for you. At any point that you're experiencing discomfort, our practitioner can ease up on the difficulty. 

Other Possible Techniques

Our chiropractor may recommend other techniques as your sole treatment or to complement your other ones. For instance, our chiropractor performs electrical muscle stimulation. This treatment sends a small electrical current to your muscle or other soft tissue. This current assists with swelling reduction and can also loosen tight muscles. Additionally, it encourages your body to release endorphins, which are your body's natural pain relievers. 

Our chiropractor may recommend laser or ultrasound therapy to help alleviate your pain and discomfort as well as promote healing.

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